Wednesday, April 4, 2012

3230 Calusa St Coconut Grove, FL - Sublime Elegance Cloaked in Paradox

Nestled on a coral ridge at the foot of an unassuming cul de saq along the historic end of Tigertail Ave in the North end of Coconut Grove lies a residence whose exterior frontage is as understated as those of its neighbors.  A simple wrought iron front gate and a common two car garage are your initial impressions of the home at 3230 Calusa St.
The North Grove is known for its hodgepodge of assorted architectural styles and home designs, ranging from modest two and three bedroom cottages and Florida style ranches to residential estates of jaw-dropping splendor.  Glistening high rises dot the skyline across from sleek sea-vessels that glide along Sailboat Bay.  Joggers and cyclists are seen getting their day’s exercise up and down Bayshore Dr.  The natural beauty of the community is the stuff of enchanted fables, where the azure blue waters of Biscayne Bay commune with lush tropical landscapes beneath a sun-drenched canopy.  Occasionally, you come across a family of peacocks as you travel down one of the winding tree lined streets that fill the neighborhood.  It is truly an enthralling community where walking is the standard mode of transportation as everything you could want or need is practically within arm’s reach.

Then, as you pass through the gate and just a few steps further under a covered walkway, an astonishing metamorphosis takes place.  Originally built in 1924, the home has undergone a number of reincarnations.  This last one, however, has transformed this home into a Phoenix of architectural design and a monumental achievement in style and taste that warrants admiration ordinarily reserved for works of fine art and sculpture.  I have seen many beautiful homes over the years, and there is certainly no shortage of them in Coconut Grove.  3230 Calusa St. is one of the most remarkably beautiful residences in this community that I have seen in recent memory.
Rather than go into a long list of feature, please allow the following images to tantalize your imagination.  As beautiful as these photos may seem, they are inadequate to the task of properly depicting the magnificence of this home.

Listed for $3,150,000, I must say this home is priced well.  If my words have stirred your curiosity and captivated your imagination, I would ask that you grant me the opportunity to show it to you.

General Information:

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 5 1/2

Square Feet:  8,390

Lot Size: 26,795 Sq. Ft.

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