Friday, February 18, 2022

 F.S. 720 is in dire need of enforcement capacity. Without enforcement, this statute gives HOA’s license to concoct fraudulent elections and rule with impunity, reducing homeowners to serfdom without recourse.  We, the Hammocks homeowners are facing an extortionate, usurious and fundamentally unsupported universal HOA monthly maintenance fee increase in excess of 300% effective March 1st after falling victim to a fraudulent Board of Directors election.  Volumes of conclusive evidence proves the illegitimacy of the “newly elected, same as the old” board beyond question.  No annual statute-required certified financial statements have been released and distributed in several years.  This is an outrageous miscarriage of justice.  Many members of our community are facing financial disaster in the wake of this blatant abuse of power.  We implore the leaders of our state to examine their oaths and their consciences. This is a desperate call for justice. The 6500+ Hammocks homeowners and her 17,000 residents are in immediate need of rescue from the heavy hand of a despotic HOA.  This is as much a law enforcement matter as it is cry for statutory remedy. If a community as large and as visible as The Hammocks can fall victim to such abuse without immediate corrective action by our elected leaders and government officials, the homeowners of thousands of HOA communities throughout Florida are potentially cannon fodder to abuse by their respective HOA’s.  Please help us NOW.

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