Saturday, October 26, 2013

1000 Museum Condo- A Visual Odyssey of Mythical Proportion

Back in early August, I had the extraordinary opportunity to share what I consider the most significant milestone to be attained in Miami's metamorphosis into becoming America's Capital of Contemporary Design excellence.  1000 Museum, in my humble opinion, takes ultra high end luxury design and architectural fearlessness into warp speed and pulverizes any semblance of convention.

I have the distinct pleasure of bringing the following video which not only highlights the magnificence of the 1000 Museum, but seamlessly melds it against the backdrop of the magical landscape that is the Miami of today and tomorrow.

1000 Museum Intro from 1000 Museum on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Miami's 1000 Museum Condo - Luxury Architecture Surpasses The Final Frontier

1000 Museum Condo
1000 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL 33132

I'm sure Gene Roddenbury and Captain James "Tiberius" (trivia morsel) Kirk would agree with the title I took the liberty of borrowing to share this absolutely mind-boggling project that will soon grace and illuminate the already spectacular skyline of our great city.
In fact, Miami has over 200 new high rise projects either in the planning stages or already underway, once again transforming and marking a Renaissance that would make 15th Century Florence, Italy green with envy.  Each initiative more awe-inspiring and magnificent than the next, each location more picturesque and extraordinary than the one before it, even though you were certain it was the one that would break the mold and be the landmark tower to rise above the clouds in The Magic City.
How do I know this?  Because it just happened to me....AGAIN!!
The brain child of Ms. Zaha Hadid,  world renowned architect and 2004 winner of architecture's most coveted honor, The Pritzker Prize (and incidentally, the first woman to ever earn the distinction), 1000 Miami literally transports your mind and senses into another realm of consciousness while firmly nestled in the very epicenter of the city's dynamic downtown area. 
Please take a minute to see this brief video to get to know some of Ms. Hadid's past body of work. Her futuristic vision and artful use of lines, angles and curves shatters the bounds of innovation and the seamless fusion of mind-altering creativity and technical genius has earned her a permanent seat at the table alongside the great Masters of her profession. 

1000 Miami's luminary status among it's metro-tropical neighbors is well deserved in terms of features and amenities.  With only 83 units in total throughout it's 60 floors, this is an ultra-exclusive community. Boasting the city's first and only rooftop heliport, 1000 Museum is designed to accommodate lifestyles of ultra-high net worth buyers for whom time and energy represent platinum level value.  With pools, fitness and leisure amenities that would tempt the sensibilities of a monarch, 1000 Museum reinvents the term "luxury", and then magnifies it exponentially.

You can either choose a half-floor unit (4,500 sq. ft.) or a full floor (9,800 sq. ft.).  Prices range from $5 million to over $15 million.  Unlike most new high rise projects in our area, each unit comes fully finished

Allow me to share a few rendered photos of 1000 Museum.  Prepare to be transported:

The building's outer frame or "exoskeleton" is not a cosmetic design attribute, but rather a structural reinforcement.  By placing this reinforcement on the exterior frame, the need for interior structural columns is greatly reduced, allowing each unit to feature wide open layouts well beyond conventional design constraints.
Thank you for the privilege of your time to share this amazing opportunity!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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